Large corporations have teams of people cranking-out products with the sole objective to increase profit. Every once in a while they might make a minor adjustment to a product and sink a massive amount of money into marketing. It’s all about making things as cheap as possible for increased profit margins. We believe there is a better way: that a small team can focus better on a few individual products and use creativity and advanced technology to make a superior product. Revenue goes back into product development, not marketing.

We’re concerned about the environment and only want to make things of value that last a long time; products that people are proud to own. In fact, the first criteria for us when evaluating a new product to manufacture or license is can we make it absolutely better than anything else on the market. If the answer is yes, then that is what we’ll do.

Our Projects

Projects we are working on at HoldenArt.

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    One Handed Paper Towel Holder

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    Wood Chess Set

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    Travel Chess Set

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Our Goals

Our team is constantly seeing how we can improve the function of an ordinary object. We take those objects and make changes to their operation so they become effortless to use. Only after the function is perfected do we focus on the look to create a finished project which is both useful and beautiful. Our products must function perfectly as well as be attractive items which you want in your home.

To Be Inspired

At HoldenArt we want to be inspired by the everyday objects around us. We hope to continue to view the world as a creative challenge. Convenience, design and function are in the details of everyday life and our people wish to be spurred into creativity by the small things. Our technical minds see improvements in both the function and accompanying design of your daily tools and leisure items. We intend to enhance more useful, everyday objects for you and expand our product line.

To Manufacture

After we have worked out the details of our concepts, HoldenArt then searches for the perfect manufacturing facility to bring our ideas to life. Materials and production must be high quality to create a long lasting, durable product. Attention is paid to every detail to ensure moving parts function efficiently and don’t snag, and make sure surfaces are smooth and pleasant to touch. The specifics of a given item are gone over again and again until we feel it is the best of its kind.

To Inspire

Once we have brought our products to market, HoldenArt intends to offer you goods which will enhance your daily life. We want them to be enjoyable, simple to use and compliment the way you live. Everything we make must be useable and consider a positive addition to a small part of your world. They should have a purpose, not simply sit in your closet. We want you to be inspired to use them for yourself as well as be pleased to give them as gifts a loved one, family member, friend or colleague.

Help Us Accomplish This

In order to get our products manufactured, HoldenArt will be running future crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfunding is a process where you can contribute to the start up cost and receive the item once it is in production.

We set a monetary start up cost goal with a program such as Kickstarter. If you support the project, you can pledge money to help us reach that goal. Once the project has reached its funding goal, your credit card is charged the amount you have pledged. If a project does not reach its goal, your credit card will not be charged. If you have pledged the retail cost of the item, once it is being manufactured, we send it to you.


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Charlie Holden

Kiln-Fired Glass Artist

William Holden received a BS in Computer Engineering from Florida Tech. After working in software development he fabricated intricate fountains from stainless steel kitchen items in a studio. He wanted a paper towel holder to fasten to his fridge, because he had limited counter space at home. After many attempts, he created one that functions as a sanitary, one-handed paper towel dispenser and patented it. He licensed it and it sold about 300,000 units. He decided that there were new products to create and left the studio for CAD design and 3D printing and prototyping.

Charlie Holden has a MFA from UNC-Greensboro. He is a master kiln-fired glass artist and brings both artistic and technological assets to the team.

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