Large corporations have teams of people cranking-out products; it’s all about quantity. Every once in a while they make minor adjustments to products and sink a massive amount of money into marketing. It’s all about making things as cheap as possible and selling as many as possible.

We believe we can make better, more innovative products by focusing on a few items. We’re not marketing gurus (obviously); we just want to make quality, innovative products that make a difference.

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Our Projects

Projects we are working on at HoldenArt.

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    One Handed Paper Towel Holder

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    Wood Chess Set

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    Travel Chess Set

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The Team

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William Holden


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Charlie Holden

Kiln-Fired Glass Artist

William Holden received a BS in Computer Engineering from Florida Tech. After working in software development he fabricated intricate fountains from stainless steel kitchen items in a studio. He wanted a paper towel holder to fasten to his fridge, because he had limited counter space at home. After many attempts, he created one that functions as a sanitary, one-handed paper towel dispenser and patented it. He licensed it and it sold about 300,000 units. He decided that there were new products to create and left the studio for CAD design and 3D printing and prototyping.

Charlie Holden has a MFA from UNC-Greensboro. He is a master kiln-fired glass artist and brings both artistic and technological assets to the team.

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